Emergency Glaziers offers same-day shower screen replacement and shower screen installation of brand new shower screens for your bathroom. We only use shower screen glass that qualified as per the Australian Standards. After your appointment, our expert will take you through all the aspects of shower screen replacement such as measurement, budget, and maintenance. We have a wide range of options available for your new home or when your upgrade your current washroom. In order to book an in-home visit by our glazier simply call (02) 7228 8026. Emergency Glaziers has been helping homeowners and businesses since 2009. Check out our Facebook page for more information on recent services we’ve provided.

Shower screen replacement by emergency glaziers

Types of shower screen you can choose

Over the years we have developed our expertise in shower screen replacement and installing a new one for your home. Before installing a new shower screen customers need to go through many aspects such as design, budget, space, lifestyle, and glass quality. Emergency Glaziers can assist you in shower screen replacement for the following products:

1. Fully Framed Shower Screen

Advantage: Perfect for budget-conscious customers & prone to modification

Framed shower screens provide an affordable upgrade for those on a budget. The aluminum frames come in different colors and styles, with 4mm – 6 mm safety glass panels included to protect against falls caused by slippery conditions or water damage

The sleek design looks great not only inside your home but also outside where it’s easy enough that you can clean off any dirt catch trusted directly onto its surface thanks again framed door options!

For fully framed shower screen replacement call Emergency glaziers today!

2. Semi-Framed Shower Screen

Advantage: A little complex yet worth spending money

The semi-framed shower screens are a budget-friendly option for those looking to invest in something more refined. Made with 6mm thick safety glass, they have an open cubicle style design that’s great because you can see everything around your bathroom while still being able to privacy when needed!

3. Semi Frameless Shower Screen

Advantage: Fusion of classic and modern appeal for your bathroom

The semi-frameless shower screen has more glass and less aluminum with only the perimeter being framed, providing for a fully frameless door. This style provides an attractive look that’s great in any bathroom because it gives off this sleek vibe without having anything hanging from your nails or cluttering up space! 

Shower screens are an affordable and easy way to customize the look of your bathroom. You can choose from either pivot door, hinged, or sliding glass doors in various frame colors with different styles for each type!

4. Fully Frameless Shower Screens

Advantage: Complete modern edge to your bathroom

The ultimate in style, a frameless shower screen is made from 10mm Toughened Safety Glass and compliments any bathroom with its variety of fittings. This luxurious accessory adds high-end sophistication to your home’s wet bar or as part of an entire design scheme for luxury living spaces such as hotels that offer this type of service on-site!

Emergency glaziers team can deliver complete shower screen replacement on the same-day

5. Sliding Shower Screen Replacement

Advantage: Do not worry if you have a tight space bathroom

The use of sliding doors in your shower screen is a perfect solution for those looking to maximize space while minimizing the overall footprint on their bathroom. Emergency Glaziers offers many different styles and models, from framed panels all the way up frameless screens designed specifically with your needs at heart – no matter what type suits best!

Rigorous shower screen installation by glazing masters

The shower screen is a very important part of your bathroom. It must be installed correctly and professionally in order to ensure it will fit perfectly with the rest of the design, while also being affordable for you on top if that wasn’t enough already! 

Emergency Glaziers has over a decade of experience measuring up Shower Screens so they know exactly how much room there’s left at every angle- which means no more cutting corners or having an ill-fitted product just because someone else said ‘This’ll do’.

To ensure that your new shower screen replacement or installation is a perfect fit, our team uses precision machinery to cut each piece of glass according to specific dimensions. We have an experienced glazier on hand who specializes in working exclusively with all types and applications for this purpose—so you can be confident about what we do from start to finish!

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“When you need a glazier, there's no better place than Emergency Glaziers. You'll be blown away by their customer service and quality of workmanship! I would highly recommend them for people out there in Western Sydney. Simply go on google and look for glazier near me.”

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“I was about to close my shop when some punk kids smashed my glass shopfront. With a lot of expensive items in my shop, leaving the situation with the temporary fix was not ideal. Got the number of Emergency glaziers from google when looking for glaziers near me. Dorio came in 10mins and fixed everything in 2 hours. These guys are great and professional at the same time.”

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