Emerging glazing brand of Sydney: Emergency Glaziers

Emergency glaziers have been glass repair, replacement, and installation services all over Sydney. Over a decade of experience helped us to gather an extraordinary team of glaziers and office staff. Our company can handle from small residential to big commercial projects anywhere in Sydney. You can also rely upon us for the finest quality of glass windows and doors. 

Our glazing experts gained mastery in the glazing industry and can fix any problem related to Windows, Doors, Shower Screen, and Glass repair. Emergency Glaziers has been helping homeowners and businesses since 2009. Check out our Facebook page for more information on recent services we’ve provided.

Glass Repairs

Glass Repair by Emergency glaziers

When you need emergency glass repairs, our company is here for the job. We offer top-quality installations of residential as well as commercial properties and have built an industry-leading reputation in Sydney’s repair services community. We are happy to assist any property owner with their damaged or broken windows as long as the suburb is within our service areas.

Glass Replacements

When you need a glass replacement, we’ve got what it takes. We stock plenty of different types and sizes so that our emergency specialists can get the job done quickly without sacrificing excellent quality standards or customer satisfaction.

Glass Installation

The Emergency glaziers installation glazing work will always be in compliance with the Australian Glazing Standard. From new glass installation of windows, doors, pool fencing, and screen shower we do everything. Our team at Emergency Glaziers is available for glass repair and installation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our Qualities that you can rely on:

When is it necessary to repair glass in an emergency?

The safety of your home is at stake when you have a broken window. With just one sliver standing between the outside and inside, it makes sense that emergency glass repair or replacement would be on the top priority list for any homeowner with damage like this happening in their house or business place!

Mostly small scratches affect the appearance of the glass but it is not necessary to replace the glass straight away as the glass is still providing safety to your house. There is no harm to sit on such issues and wait for glass repair. However, after some time small repairs ignored will come back as major work for sure.

When you need a glass repair service, it’s best to get this taken care of as soon and efficiently as possible so that no further issues arise. With small cracks or chips in your windows, there’s often a time for preventive measures rather than an emergency fix-which could lead to even more problems down the line if left unattended! If someone has suffered serious injuries because their building had faulty glass then immediate attention should be paid otherwise they may lose everything.

What our customers say

Satisfied Clients

William Elijah

“When you need a glazier, there's no better place than Emergency Glaziers. You'll be blown away by their customer service and quality of workmanship! I would highly recommend them for people out there in Western Sydney. Simply go on google and look for glazier near me.”

Madeline Putney

“A big thank you Glenn from the Emergency glaziers. Guy saved me a lot of money as the earlier glazier quote was an absolute ripper. I was lucky that I found him on google when searching for a "glazier near me" in my suburb.”

Elijah Croydon

“I was about to close my shop when some punk kids smashed my glass shopfront. With a lot of expensive items in my shop, leaving the situation with the temporary fix was not ideal. Got the number of Emergency glaziers from google when looking for glaziers near me. Dorio came in 10mins and fixed everything in 2 hours. These guys are great and professional at the same time.”

    Our Services

    Sydney Glazier Services

    A glazier, as the name might suggest, installs and repairs glass windows and doors. But his skills go beyond that: he may also be called on to fix or replace mirrors, Shower screens, and other glass fixtures. Because of the many dangers associated with working with glass (breaking shards, sharp edges), a glazier needs to have not just technical proficiency but also a steady hand and nerves of steel. If you require window glass repair or replacement, be sure to call a qualified glazier such as Emergency Glaziers. He’ll have your home, shopfront, and office looking good as new in no time!

    Ever since the first human constructions, there have been accidents and malfunctions that have led to broken windows. Luckily, Emergency Glaziers have always been there to provide quick and easy repair services so that homes and businesses can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

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    Glazing faq's

    The cost of window repairs can be anywhere from around $200 to over 2k. The more detailed the project usually means higher costs for materials and labor.

    If you have any questions about your broken window repair, call Emergency Glaziers. Our expert team will come to fix it and clean up all of the mess so that nobody gets hurt!

    If the issue is with a regular plane glass door or window, replacement is usually done right away.

    By mare polishing of the glass, lightly scratched can be removed. It is quite reasonable to replace the glass rather than glass repair.

    Type of door, location, glass quality, and labor required are some factors that determine the final cost. Call us Emergency Glaziers on 02 7228 8026 for a free quote.